Thursday, February 12, 2015

9 February 2015 -- Wichita West -- Spanish Branch

Hey everyone!! How are you all doing?

Wow! This transfer has just flown by! I can't believe there's only one week left in it! Time really does fly by when you're constantly busy and constantly working. And the Lord has truly blessed us with miracles from our efforts here in the Kansas Wichita Mission.

On Saturday, Ever, Elida, and Clarissa were baptized! They were so excited and are definitely ready to continue growing in the Gospel. Their dad came, which is fantastic! He said he really felt the Spirit and felt really great about everything that happened! These kids really have grown such strong faith and such a strong testimony of and in Christ and it's amazing and a true miracle to see them grow so much, even in just a few weeks.

Alejandro came to church yesterday and we were able to put him back on date for the 28th of this month! He said he really just doesn't want to jump into things, especially being continually bombarded with life. But he's definitely excited to continue to move forward and progress and grow. We had a lesson with him, Araceli, and Danny and it was great! The Spirit has grown so much stronger in their home and in their lives. It's amazing to hear about the miracles, blessings, and changes that they are seeing as they grow closer to Jesus Christ. We watched a video with them called Missionary work and the Atonement. I would highly recommend for everyone to look it up! It really talks about why being a missionary is so hard, and it gives me a new excitement to continue pressing forward and work even harder!

Elder Malo and I got hit with a lot of duties as counselors of the branch presidency. It took up a lot of time, but as we continued to work diligently, the Lord blessed us with miracles. Just remember that when things are getting tough, as they surely will frequently, know that something, a miracle, is right around the corner. Because we receive no witness until after the trial of our faith. When we persevere through our trials and learn to grow from them, we receive a witness and our faith is strengthened.

We had a zone training on Saturday and one of the trainings was on the power of the Sacrament. The Sacrament is a gift. A gift given to us that we can be clean each and every week. The Atonement is for everyone individually. the Lord is just waiting for us to take it in, internalize it, and then make it count. He wants us to come and change and become more like Him. The Sacrament renews, refines, and then perfects us. However dim our days may seem, know that the Savior of the Lord, Jesus Christ, has felt every bit of it and is by our side every step of the way. Brad Wilcox gave a talk called The Atonement: After all we can do. He gives the analogy of life as a mountain and his talk is centered on the scripture that says, "for it is by grace we are saved after all we can do." It's not like we climb as far up the mountain as we can and then the Savior comes and helps push us up the rest of the way. He is there with us every step of the climb, helping and encouraging us.

I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that only through Him can we return to live with our Father in Heaven. He loves us all perfectly and is always reaching out to help and support us no matter what we do. All we have to do is take His hand.

I love you all and I am full of gratitude for all of the emails you send me! Thank you for all that you do and have a fantastic week!

Elder Murphy
Elder Murphy, Elida Treviza, Clarissa Treviza, Ever Treviza, Elder Malo

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