Friday, February 5, 2016

25 Jan 2016 - Topeka - Colly Creek Ward

Hola hola everyone!!
How was this week? This week was definitely the craziest and best week of my mission!

On Saturday, Kristy, Daniel, and Michelle were baptized! It was definitely a miracle that happened in the strength of the Lord. As we went through the week, they continued to face more and more trials of faith. There was no room for doubt throughout the week and as the trials came, they continued to feel the Spirit reassure them and expressed that they knew without a doubt that God wouldn't want them to postpone their baptism and it's what He wanted them to do right now.

They pressed forward with faith and expressed the immense joy they felt, not only as they were baptized, but also as they received the Holy Ghost. Last night, we went over to Kristy and Daniel's to see how they were doing and their entire countenances were changed and filled with light. They were different people, and we could see the changes the Spirit had wrought within them. The Gospel truly does bless families!

This week, we started working with a Part Member Family, Sergio and Esther. Esther is the member and she only speaks Spanish, but the entire family wants to come to an English ward instead of a Spanish Branch. I'm so excited to start teaching in Spanish again, even if it's only for a bit. They have such strong desires to have something they can do to follow God as a family and have already seen how the Gospel can bless their family!

My witness and testimony of the power of prayer has increased so much this week. God is always listening and He always answers. He may not answer in the way we want or expect, but He answers. In this amazing work and throughout life, I know that as we pray as if it all depends on the Lord and act as if it all depends on us, we see miracles and we are able to be the instruments and disciples the Lord needs us to be. 

I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you mucho!

Con amor,
Elder Murphy

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