Monday, February 29, 2016

29 Feb 2016 - Topeka - Colly Creek Ward

Hola hola everyone!

How have things been? Super sorry I haven't emailed in a while! It's been crazy!

This week is transfers and I'll be staying up in Top City! It's been a crazy past couple of weeks! Elder Mitchell got transferred down to Derby and Elder Brasher got transferred up here! Now, after only a couple weeks of being here, Elder Brasher is getting transferred back to Wichita. Crazy! But my new companion is Elder Stanford, who I've been able to serve around for the past couple of transfers! I've already learned a ton from him and am excited to learn even more from him!

So recently, we've been working with Justin, who's only about 14 and has such a huge desire to follow Jesus Christ. His grandpa is a member and has made such an impact and influence on Justin's life. He's been working with missionaries on and off for the past year or so, but he had his baptismal interview on Thursday and was so excited to be baptized after he came out! We could see so much more light in his eyes as he talked about his desire to make it happen.

That's about all the time I have for this week, but I love you tons! Have an amazing week and choose joy!:)

Con amor,
Elder Murphy

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