Monday, April 27, 2015

27 April 2015 -- Great Bend -- Spanish Branch

Hey everyone! How was your week?? I hope it was fantastic!!

This week was awesome! Full of stretching and even more jam packed with miracles! The Lord truly does bless us when we set our minds to changing everyday and striving to become better than we were yesterday. All He wants us to do is to honestly try and strive to reach our potential and realize the vision we have set. By doing that, we will see miracles every day!

So on Wednesday, we were having a pretty rough day. It was either no one was home or they absolutely didn't want to talk. But, no matter what, Elder Downs and I decided we'd keep going, keep pressing forward, and not give up. Then we met Emmanuel. We went up and knocked on his door, he came right out and said, "Let me guess Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?" "Yeah!" "Not interested, but you know what..." And then he just went off on his life story about how he'd completely changed when he found Jesus Christ. About five minutes in, he just let us in his house and we talked for a while. He has such a firm testimony of the Atonement and is just super awesome in general! But the true miracle was that he looked into our eyes and said exactly what was on our minds, "You never give up. You keep pushing and you keep going, but you never give up, because this message that you have can and will change somebody's life. You'll get doors slammed in your faces, yelled at, and made fun of, but no matter what, you keep trying and you never ever give up." I almost hugged him. I know the Lord places people in our path for a reason and at the same time we are also placed in others' paths for a reason. When we rely on the Spirit, we will be able to make an impact, even if we may not notice it.

I think I've told you about Jacob and Sabrina. Anyway, they have been working really hard towards baptism. And pretty much yesterday, they realized that they needed to change some things and put their trust in each other and most of all in the Lord. When they made that decision, the light in their eyes was a miracle in and of itself. They seemed so much happier and full of joy. I know that came from the vision they set to center their lives on Jesus Christ and His Gospel. The miracle of missionary work is seeing true and pure joy and happiness come into peoples', strangers', lives as they choose to follow Jesus Christ and as you choose for yourself to lose yourself in that work. And to see the change and progress in yourself as you create and sustain that vision to lose yourself in love for others makes it all more worthwhile. 

I know the Atonement carries us through life and enables us with the power and strength to change and progress each day. I know that it came about from the perfect love our Savior, Brother, and Best Friend, Jesus Christ, and our Heavenly Father have for us. That love is unconditional, perfect, and eternal. Jesus Christ lives. And because He lives, we have hope for a better day tomorrow. A day to be better.

I love you all a ton! Thank you for all you do! You are always in my prayers! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Murphy

Kia Kaha
Stuck in Lyons Friday because of this storm!

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