Wednesday, August 10, 2016

8 August 2016 - Liberal, Kansas

Hola hola everyone!
¿Cómo fue su semana? Espero que fue la mejor!

Without a doubt, the best week of my mission! It feels almost as if each moment gets better! Kansas is so amazing and I'm so grateful for each opportunity to see the Lord's hand affect the lives of those who come to know Jesus Christ and follow His example. Last week, Nathan got baptized! He was such an amazing miracle! So prepared by the Lord to accept the Gospel. He loves the Gospel and shares it with almost everyone he comes into contact with!

We're still working a lot with the Emma and her family, and they are doing amazing! Yesterday, it wasn't looking like they'd be coming to Church, since Emma said she'd gotten sick the night before, but we continued to have an attitude of faith. We said a prayer as church was starting and asked that they would at least be able to make mit to take the Sacrament and just as the young man passing in the foyer was about to head out, they walked into the doors! The Lord truly does answer prayers in His own time and in His own way. After church, we asked Emma how she felt and she said, "I feel like this is my place." And to top it all off, it was probably the most spiritual, missionary work-oriented testimony meeting I've ever been to! Recent Converts and long-time members stood up and bore solemn testimony of the Restoration and how important it is for investigators to listen to the missionaries, keep commitments, and be baptized. The Lord's hand is in every detail of this work. He's in charge and He know exactly what's going on!

Martina and Leslie (Emma's friends) are also doing super amazing! They weren't able to come to Church, but they've been reading the Book of Mormon and are absolutely loving it! Each day we go over, there seems to be more and more light in their home and in their countenances. El Evangelio es verdadero!!!!

Hope you all have an amazing week! Love you tons!

Con amor,

Elder Murphy

 Los Vatos del Oeste! Elders Murphy, McCarney, Cerdas and Stanford

Elder McCarney, Nathan, and Elder Murphy


Dodge City Days 2016

Araceli!!!!!! (Wichita West)

 Olga!!! (Wichita West)

 Elida, Clarissa, Ever, and Victor!! (Wichita West)

Aqueous August MLC

La Mera Frontera


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