Wednesday, December 9, 2015

7 December 2015 -- Wichita -- Kellogg Spanish Branch

Buenas tardes a todos! ¿Qué tal? Espero que todo está bien! What an amazing week in the Kellogg Spanish Branch! Milagros por días!

Pues, transfers are this week and I'll be staying in the Kellogg Branch with Elder Lorenzo! I'm so excited for another milagroso transfer in this amazing Spanish Branch!

This week, we increased our sense of urgency and got into the 4th quarter mentality and, well, saw so many miracles! We've been working with a super cool guy named Carlos and he is just so on top of
everything. On Saturday, we were talking about Lehi's Dream from the Book of Mormon to help him understand how to overcome trials as he prepares to be baptized. We were reading the story with him and
without us even beginning to talk about it, he said, "Oh! So in order to overcome trials and temptations, I probably need to pray and read every day!" Well, yeah. Exactly! He's so cool and has such a quick
understanding! Definitely a miracle.

We were trying to contact Juan and Odalys this entire week and, well, appointment after appointment fell through and it almost seemed as if they were slipping through the cracks. Yesterday, we decided to just
stop by and Odalys ended up being home. She expressed to us basically how crazy and difficult her week and life has been. We testified of the Gospel blessing families and her urgency to follow Jesus Christ
increased. She wants this for her entire family and is doing all she can to come closer to Him.

I absolutely love Kansas! I hope you all have an amazing week! You're always in my prayers! Love you!

Con amor,
Elder Murphy

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