Thursday, October 15, 2015

12 October 2015 - Wichita - Kellogg Spanish Branch

Bueno everyone! Cómo está todo?

This week was definitely full of meetings. I think at least one everyday. But with those meetings came lots of revelation as to how we can have more love for those we come into contact with. We have to be lovingly bold! If we truly love someone, we'll be bold in showing them and helping them use the Atonement to improve and become more settled disciples of Jesus Christ.

Celia came to church this week with one of her sons! They absolutely loved it and the Spirit that they felt. And quite a few of the members from the branch remember her from when the missionaries were teaching her family a year or so ago. And they love her! Definitely a huge miracle!

Last night, we were trying a former investigator and Maria, the mom, opened up and definitely wasn't interested, but the daughter, Alejandra, came out and told us she wasn't interested either and talked about how she just didn't really believe that God was there, because if He's all loving and all powerful, why would He let bad things happen to good people? We testified of how much God really does love her and how the Atonement can help her in her life. The Spirit was so song and she opened up how much she wanted to find God in her life. Huge miracle!

I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you all! Remember to 

choose joy! You're always n my prayers.

Elder Murphy

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