Monday, September 14, 2015

14 September 2015 - Garden City - Spanish

Buenas Tardes everyone! How's everything going? Great? I hope so!

As it was the last week of the transfer, Elder Boyer and I I increased our sense of urgency and made it the best week of our mission! Because we chose to serve with more than everything we had and completely relied on the Atonement of Jesus Christ more and more each day, we were enabled to do more in the Lord's strength and see more miracles! It definitely took some stretching and more action in faith on our part, but as we did so, the Lord guided us with His hand and provided miracles.

I think in my last email, I talked a bit about Jason. He is doing so great! He will be baptized this Saturday and can't even wait for it hard hardly. He has absolutely immersed himself in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and also in the book of Mormon. I have seen a change in his countenance in the past two weeks. There's a greater sense of hope and
more of the light of Christ in his eyes! He has expressed to us the changes he's felt his life and he knows that he is happier and his found more peace than he ever has before in his life. We've also been working with his mom, Whitney. She also has such a strong desire to follow Jesus Christ and has seen the change that Jason has made as we've been teaching him and as he's been preparing to be baptized. We gave her a large print book of Mormon the other day and all she could say was, "thank you! Thank you! Thank you! " The Lord's hand truly is in every detail of His work and as we become swallowed up in His will, we are able to become more effective instruments in His hands.

So, transfers are this week. And... I'm going back to Wichita! I won't be serving in the same area as I was the first time I was in Wichita, but I will be serving on the east side of Wichita in the Kellogg Spanish branch! And also, my new companion is Elder Allen! My MTC companion! I'm so excited to see how he has changed through the
Atonement and to see miracles with him! I am definitely sad to leave garden, but I have faith and hope in the Lord knows exactly what he's doing. I've become so much closer to Jesus Christ hearing garden, and despite the stretching, there's been so much growth and I've learned so much and my love and charity have increased through Jesus Christ.

I absolutely love being a missionary! And I love Kansas and serving the Lord in this sacred part of His vineyard. Sé que si perserveramos con fe por medio de desafíos y pruebas de nuestra fe, Nuestro Padre Celestial nos dará la fuerza para superarlos y vencerlos.

Les queremos! Y espero que tengan una semana Milagrosa!

Con amor,
Elder Murphy

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