Friday, August 28, 2015

24 August 2015 - Garden City - Spanish

Hola Hermanas y Hermanos! Espero que tuvieron una semana buenisima!

This week was definitely full of miracles as always! Elder Boyer and I have continued to lose ourselves in this work by constantly reaching out in service, love, and compassion for the amazing people of Garden City! We've come to realize more of how much the Lords hand is in his work and how much we truly have to rely on him! Just as Ammon says in Alma 26, as to our own strength you're nothing but in the Lord strength you can do all things and can see many miracles!

It was definitely a week of stretching in trial, but the only lead to a greater understanding of the atonement of Jesus Christ and his love for not only us, but these wonderful people. Sometimes it's so easy to question why this works so hard, but it's so important to realize that Jesus Christ went through not only exactly what we go through but so much more. He can strengthen us as we pass through trials and are stretched and in His strength, we see miracles. There is no growth in a comfort zone. We have to be stretched out of our comfort zone and grow and move into the miracle zone. That's when our natures our changed and when we come to truly love our Savior.

We've been working a lot with Samson and his love for the savior and desire to come closer to him is so strong. As we turn our will and our desires over to the Lord, he can enable us to reach our potential. As Moroni says and challenges at the end of the Book of Mormon, how are intent must be real and our faith must be in Jesus Christ. When we have faith in Jesus Christ to be able to change us and help us become better, then will the Holy Ghost testify to us and reveal Heavenly Father's plan for us.

Yo sé que este es el Evangelio restaurado de Jesucristo y que recibiremos poder para vencer Los desafíos y pruebas en nuestras vidas. Nuestro Padre Celestial y Hermano Mayor, Jesucristo, nos quieren perfectamente y nos darán las bendiciónes que necesitamos.

I love you all and hope you have a superb week! You're always in my prayers! Tengan una semana fantastica!

Con amor,
Elder Benjamin Isaac Murphy

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