Tuesday, May 12, 2015

11 May 2015 -- Great Bend -- Spanish Branch

Buenos dias everyone!! Como lo fue su semana? Espero que fue fantastica!
So this week, we found the Reyes family! All they want to do is what God wants for them, because they know that it will help them grow stronger together as a family and will help them reach their potential. It's almost like they've set a vision for themselves and are doing what they can to implement Heavenly Father and the Atonement of Jesus Christ into their lives to change and bring it to pass.
This last Saturday, we had Zone training and we really focused on our meeting the week before with Elder Holland. One of the main focuses was having a sense of urgency about the work and loving our mission. We need to OTOI! And just stay "On Top Of It"! And the center of all we do as missionaries is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We are personally changed and are enabled through the Atonement as we help others turn to it to progress and reach their potential.
Jacob and Sabrina have been having very powerful spiritual experiences in our lessons as they are taught by the Spirit. They are coming to realize for themselves that when they center their lives on Jesus Christ because they love Him and strive to change, be enabled, and grow because of Him, they will find true happiness. One thing we've really been focusing on with them is acting as an agent instead of waiting to be treated like an object. We all have the power to choose for ourselves, and there is true power in choice. We choose for ourselves whether or not to be productive each day. We choose for ourselves whether or not to be happy and have a good attitude, even when problems and challenges of the world confront us. We all have the power to choose to change and reach our potential. When we choose, the next step we need to take is to act, go, and do. If we have a vision for ourselves and who we want to become, and have a burning desire to become that, then our vision will not just be some words, but will become us.
I've been studying a lot about the life of Jesus Christ, mainly His first miracle of changing water into wine. At first, I thought, why change it into wine, when He could just purify the water and make it taste good? But it was deeper than just that. The Savior wanted to show that He can change things. He changed the worst water into the best wine. In the same way, if we put our faith and trust in Him, He can change us into the best we can be: who we have the potential of becoming. I know that as we truly apply the words of the prophets into our lives, we can full access the Atonement.
Yo se que Jesucristo vive y gracias a que El vive, tenemos esperanza por lo mejor. El esta aqui en cualquier tiempo y El nos ama no importa que hacemos. Yo se que Dios tiene un plan para todos nosotros y que cuando tenemos una vision, podemos obtener nuestra potencial.
I hope you all have a fantastic week! Thank you all for everything! I love you all!
Elder Murphy
Kia Kaha

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